Official Competition Rules



1. Eligibility.  Students enrolled part- or full-time in an accredited Master of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Information Systems, Master of Public Health, Master of Business Administration program, or other similar master’s programs that educate students in business, health care, or analytics at an educational institution based in the United States are eligible to enter.  Students must be currently enrolled and should not have graduated from the masters program at the time of the final case competition presentations.  Employees of Humana Inc. are not eligible to participate.


2. Teams.  Teams must be made up of either 2 or 3 participants.  Although multiple teams from the same university can enter the competition, a student may not be on more than one team.  If a participant drops out of the competition, no substitution is permitted.  If the team falls below the 2-person minimum due to a member leaving, the team is no longer eligible to compete.  To be eligible, teams must submit each team member’s name, student email address, telephone number, and signed Non-Disclosure Agreement by the deadlines below. Competition Sponsor is not responsible for incorrect contact information provided.  Final round presentations will be recorded and such recording may be used in promotion and recruiting materials.  Competitors may use their submission in an academic setting after the final rounds are complete.


3. Key Dates.


September 9, 2020: Case competition kickoff virtual information session at 4:00 p.m. CT (session will be recorded and posted within 3 business days on the competition website – – for those who cannot attend)


September 14, 2020: First deadline to submit team information, signed Non-Disclosure Agreements, and designation of team lead to by 5:00 p.m. CT. Dataset will be provided to the team by end of day September 16 once that team’s information and signed Non-Disclosure Agreements are received


September 18, 2020: Second deadline to submit team information, signed Non-Disclosure Agreements, and designation of team lead to by 5:00 p.m. CT. Dataset will be provided to the team by end of day September 20 once that team’s information and signed Non-Disclosure Agreements are received


September 28, 2020: Pre-submission workshop at 4:00 p.m. CT (Q&A with a Humana Analytics Professional) (workshop will be recorded for teams that cannot attend and posted within 3 business days on the competition website:


October 11, 2020: Deadline to submit your team’s completed submission to by 11:59 p.m. CT


October 14, 2020: 50 Teams advancing to Round Two notified


October 23, 2020: Finalists notified


October 26, 2020: Deadline to confirm availability by email to to present in Round Three


November 11, 2020: Deadline to submit presentation electronically to by 5:00 p.m. CT


November 11, 2020: Reception for finalists and Humana and TAMU professionals


November 12, 2020: Finalists present to an executive panel of experts in Houston, Texas


November 12, 2020: Winners chosen and announced at a ceremony at the close of the presentations and judging


December 15, 2020(approximate): Prizes awarded to winning teams


4. Judging.  Entries will be judged in three rounds.

The problem set rules and guidelines are designed to be ambiguous to mimic a real-world business problem that is not thoroughly defined.

  • Students are encouraged to use Stack Overflow, Google, etc., for questions about analytical best practices.

  • Students may use any of the following analytical tools: SAS, SPSS, R, Python, Matlab, and Microsoft Excel.


Round One.  The submissions for Round One are written reports that showcase the results of the data analysis and business solutions.  This round is a simple quantitative evaluation of a team’s solution based on its ability to accurately predict the specific business issue.

  • Submissions will be evaluated based on accuracy of the model using a predicted score rovided by the team and comparing the score to the known result, held by Humana.  Mislabeled submissions either in title or content will not be corrected.   Competition Sponsor is not responsible for corrupted files or submissions that do not conform to the given parameters.

  • The top 50 most accurate solutions (meeting all other eligibility criteria) will advance to Round Two. If there is a tie for the 50th spot, all teams tying for that position will advance.


While students may do outside research to prepare their entries, they may not solicit assistance or advice from anyone except other members of their team.  No assistance is permitted from staff, faculty, students who are not team members, or members of the public.


Round Two.  Each of the advancing submissions from Round One will be evaluated based on the entirety of the solution including insights, recommendations, and actionability.  Judging will be conducted by multiple subject matter experts made up of Data Science professionals from Humana and Texas A&M PhD candidates.  The scores of each judge will be combined to create a composite score.

The categories and weighting associated with each category are as follows:

  • 20% - Establishing key performance indicators aligned to business needs

  • 40% - Depth and description of quantitative analysis resulting in actionable business insights

  • 40% - Ability to provide meaningful implications and recommendations based on results/insights


The five (5) teams with the highest composite scores in Round Two will be deemed finalists and move on to Round Three. In the event of a tie in Round Two, the team with the highest score in the third category (“Ability to provide meaningful implications and recommendations based on results/insights”) will advance. If the teams are still tied, the team with the highest score awarded by Humana judges will advance. If the teams are still tied, the judges will select the team deemed to have submitted the better overall entry, and that team will advance.


Round Three.  The final round will build on previous rounds to demonstrate the solution is not only analytically sound but is also understandable, appealing, and viable with regards to implementation.

Finalists are invited to give final PowerPoint presentations on November 12, 2020, in Houston, Texas, to visualize and explain their findings.  To be eligible for Round Three, at least one member of a two-person team and at least two members of a three-person team must present in person.  If a potential finalist team is not able to meet this requirement, the team with the next highest score will become a finalist.


Final presentations will be judged by a panel of executive and academic experts according to the same point scale but using the following criteria:


  • 20% - Demonstrate clear understanding of the business challenge

  • 20% - Summary of approach and resulting business insights

  • 40% - So What? How will this solution help improve the business issue

  • 20% - Presentation Effectiveness: clarity of message, visualization of key findings/recommendations, ability to answer questions


Following the final presentations, the Round Three judges will meet in private to discuss the entries.  Then each judge will score the entries, and the scores of all will be added together to determine the winners of the competition.  The team with the highest score will be the First Place Winner; the team with the second highest score will be the Second Place Winner; and the team with the third highest score will be the Third Place Winner.  In the event of a tie, the same procedure will be used as described above in Round Two.


Additional information:

  • Presentations will be held at Mays at CityCentre, 842 W. Sam Houston Parkway N., Ste. 200, Houston, Texas 77024.  Teams should arrive by 8:00 a.m., and presentations will begin at 8:30 a.m.  Each team may use up to 30 minutes to present and will need to allocate the time for presentation and Q&A at their own discretion. 

  • Students should wear business attire for presentations.

  • Every student on a team must take an active role in the presentation.

  • Teams should bring a USB drive of their presentation (the one they submitted electronically in advance is intended as the primary with the USB as backup in case of technical issues).

  • Teams may, but are not required to, use posters and other physical visual aids to enhance their presentation.

  • Sponsor will arrange and pay for team members’ travel and lodging.


5. Prizes.  Cash prizes will be awarded as follows:  First Place – $40,000; Second Place – $20,000; Third Place – $10,000.  Prizes will be awarded in the form of checks and the prize amounts will be divided evenly among team members; where it is not possible to divide the amount exactly equally for a three-person team, the designated team lead will instruct Sponsor as to which amounts will go to which team members.


6. Releases.  Sponsor is not responsible for late, lost, misdirected, or unintelligible entries in any round, including entries not received because of interrupted or unavailable network servers, failed communications networks or equipment, computer hardware or software, or other errors or malfunctions whether human, mechanical, or electronic.  Any team suspected of tampering with or disrupting any aspect of the competition will be disqualified.  All decisions of Sponsor are final.


Teams and team members, by participating in the competition, (i) agree to be bound by these Official Competition Rules, (ii) agree to release, indemnify, and hold Sponsor and Texas A&M University, their affiliates, parents, subsidiaries, divisions, and all of their officers, directors, employees, and agents (the “Released Entities”) harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, losses, and damages of any kind arising in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from team/team members’ participation in the competition, (iii) agree that the Released Entities may use team and team members’ name and likeness for the purpose of promoting and publicizing the competition and future competitions, (iv) agree that Sponsor may contact them for recruiting purposes (with the right to opt out of further email contact), (v) agree that their presentation may be recorded and used by Sponsor and Texas A&M University for internal purposes only, and (vi) agree that any dispute or claim will be resolved individually and without resort to class action.


7. Sponsor. The Sponsor of the competition is Humana Inc., 500 W. Main St., Louisville, Kentucky 40202.


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Houston, TX 77024

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